what you need to know before you start learning greek

What you need to know before you start learning Greek

What is your motivation?

When you decide to take up learning a new language, and in your case, Greek, first of all, you have to clear up your motivation; the learner’s motivation can be extrinsic or intrinsic.

Extrinsic motivation 

It comes from factors external to the self. Using some examples, it means that someone is motivated to learn Greek because someone else (e.g. the parents) pushes them to do it or the teacher is going to reward or punish them or Greek is a mandatory tool for their job (They found a Greek-speaking job in Greece or Cyprus, they collaborate with Greek-speaking clients etc.)

Pros and Cons of external motivation

Having in mind to learn Greek in order to meet others’ expectations or guided by the desire for reward or thanks to high-flying professional goals can be effective. But it is an unstable motivation; the interest can be quickly lost.

Intrinsic motivation

It comes from implanted interest and desire to learn the Greek language. A student is motivated because they want to gain further knowledge.

Greece and Cyprus are admired for their long history and culture, so, many people want to have a deeper knowledge about them and one of the most effective ways is to learn the language. In addition, travelling to Greece and Cyprus, especially during the summer season (which is long there) is always a good reason to learn Greek. Tourists love our lifestyle, food, and…us! And, while many Greeks and Cypriots do speak English, Greek language learners find it amazing to be able to understand the stories that the local elders share. Learning Greek will transform you from a tourist into a guest! Another case of intrinsic motivation is the family: people who are second or third-generation Greek/Cypriot, those who are married or in a relationship with a Greek/Cypriot person or those who have Greek/Cypriot close friends who want to connect with them and their family and learning their language is a kind of affection.

Pros and Cons of internal motivation

This kind of motivation can be effective because the interest in learning cannot easily be lost. But since it comes from individual desires, diverse from person to person, it is difficult to raise the motivation. Appropriate teaching techniques can enhance internal motivation.

The best results are achieved by the combination of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

What are your learning needs?     

Since you are motivated to learn Greek, you have to find out the skills that you want or need to improve. Some students have very good skills in learning and applying grammar, but they are afraid of speaking. Some others prefer to have fluency when speaking than accuracy. Some find it hard to read and understand a text and for some others, it is difficult to understand what they are listening to.

At the end of the article, you can find a questionnaire to help you understand your learning needs and find the skills that you want to improve.

You can fill it out and send it to us!

What is your learning style?

​There are as many learning styles as the human senses:



Learning Styles

Kinaesthetic/ Tactile

All the learning styles take part in the learning process, but everyone has a preferred representational system. 

What are your goals?

When you start learning Greek, you set a long-term objective, for example, to reach the required level to have the capacity to understand almost everything and express yourself fluently. But, what you maybe haven’t thought is that, in order to reach your objective you need, first, to set short-term goals, reach them and, then, set more goals.
Knowing your goals you can find what you need to do to reach them!




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