The professionalization of teachers of Greek as a foreign/second language

Our organization received a grant to cover the expenses of its teachers, in order for them to undergo training in Greece.  Five teachers will be further trained in 2022 in the techniques of teaching Greek as a foreign language in the Greek teacher education organization CENTER OF HELLENIC CULTURE www.hcc.edu.gr and are expected to complete by the end of 2022 it is expected that they will complete the process leading to international certification (EU Certification) for Language Teaching to Adults – and for the teaching of Greek as a foreign by the International Language Association -ICC, based in Frankfurt.

The study of the characteristics of the approximately 25 categories of students who are currently learning Greek as a foreign or second language will be the basis of an extensive training seminar, which will lead to the certification process.

The goal of the organization is to build its ties with the respective Greek host organization but also to create an international network of collaborating organizations. This is how we will enable the Greek language to travel online all over the world.

The project would not have been possible without the generous subsidy of the European Commission and IDEP Cyprus through the Erasmus plus program.

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