How it Works

Boost your brainpower by learning a new language and get to know a new culture from the comfort of your own couch! At The Online Greek tutor, you can learn Greek from wherever you are, easy, affordable, and always with the highest quality in the services we provide. Follow these easy steps and let’s get started!

A. Book your Free Trial

In order for us to fully understand your needs, firstly you will request a Free Trial. Within 24 hours of your request, you will receive a confirmation email from the school regarding your trial lesson. When the process is completed, a tutor will be contacting you within 24 hours, to arrange your Free Trial lesson.

B. Placement Test

To ensure the highest quality in our learning services, our educational experts may send you a placement test to better understand your needs, so as to provide you with the course level which best applies to you.

C. Virtual Classroom

Designed to make your learning experience as comfortable as it can be, wherever you are, the Virtual Classroom is a shared online space where you can interact and work with your tutor simultaneously.

High-Quality Video & Audio Systems

Rest assured that even in slow-speed connections, we provide video & audio support, to enjoy uninterrupted sessions.

Online Whiteboard

Write, draw shapes, complete sentences, and erase any second thoughts! This is an interactive section during your course, where you practice and learn in real-time.

Easy Conversations

Feel at ease with excellent image and audio for uninterrupted conversations during your learning time, even if you are on the other side of the world. Literally!

Text Chat Mode

Exchange texts with your tutor. While you communicate thoughts and ideas during your course, you also practice your grammar and orthography on the spot.

One on one Sessions

Enjoy private classes and get the most out of your learning experience with our experts.

Group Classes

A limited number of students is included in each course session, so as to provide you with the attention you need for the most effective results.

Real Classroom Environment

Did you know you can raise your hand in your virtual class? Well, yes you can and these little tricks are what make online learning even more real and interesting.

Share Files

Share in real-time any types of documents you want with your tutors such as images, documents, videos, audio files, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, JPEGs, and many more.

Class Review

Our platform makes it easy for you, providing you with the access to go back to your past classes, check out the learning material and refresh your memory.

Record your Class

Your tutor is able to record your course session and you can access the platform to find that specific class recording. This is a great way to answer any questions you still have in your mind and practice whenever you wish.

Smart Device Compatible

Log in with your mobile or tablet, either Apple or Android, and enjoy your class.

The Online Greek Tutor platform is compatible with:

  • Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers. If you are using Apple iOS, bear in mind that you can work only on Safari.
  • The platform works best with:
  • Google Chrome (on computers or Android devices)
  • If you are using an iOS device, log in to the platform using Safari:
  • – Safari version 11+ (on the iPhone or iPad)
  • – Chrome will not work on an iOS device
  • The platform is also compatible with:
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge
  • The platform does not currently work with:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (discontinued in 2016)
  • 360 (please note the situation with China and the Chinese Firewall)
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