Course Materials

Our aim is to inspire you and make sure you get the most out of each class session. At The Online Greek tutor, we choose the finest books and accompanying material to make it interesting, effective and most of all enjoyable to learn.

Our Greek Course Books

The course books we use are certified by the Common European Framework for Languages. They are divided and addressed to our students according to their educational level and age. A selection of books can be downloaded for free in PDF format and others are available for purchase.

Books for Kids

We use the following books in our curriculum for our very young students. Depending on the educational background of each student, the appropriate book is selected so as to ensure the most effective educational goals.

  • Margarita

    The ideal book series for kids who do not live in Greece and do not speak Greek daily.

  • Γλώσσα Δημοτικού & Νεοελληνική Γλώσσα Γυμνασίου

    This book series is applied for kids who do not live in Greece, but they have Greek as their mother tongue and primary language from their close family environment.

  • Κλικ στα ελληνικά για παιδιά

    This book series is based on the New Comprehensive Examination Syllabus, with the goal to teach the four communicative skills. Designed for preparation toward the A1 Greek language exam.

Books for Teenagers & Adults

The following books apply for our teenager and adult students and they are available for purchase.

General Greek & Ellinomatheia Exams

  • Ελληνικά Α, Εκδόσεις Πατάκη

    Someone who starts from scratch with “Ellinika A" will soon be able to read signs, follow directions, fill in forms, and seek jobs and accommodation. The purpose is serious and the methodology rigorous but the material is fun to use, with extra stimulus from amusing illustrations by Christos Papanikos and two CDs of dialogues and exercises, featuring clear, attractive voices. Find it Here!

  • Ελληνικά Β, Εκδόσεις Πατάκη

    Ellinika B is designed to prepare students for exams for the Β1 level of proficiency. Each module focuses on specific grammar and special vocabulary, which are taught in stages, according to the principles of teaching Greek as a second/foreign language. Find it Here!

  • Κλικ στα Ελληνικά Α1-Γ1

    Find it Here!

Conversational Greek Course

In order to learn a foreign language, you need to learn about the country’s culture, its people, the way of life and in this way it makes it easier to adapt. For our Conversational Greek Course, we use the following sources in order to research conversational topics which are interesting and at the same time to introduce to you the country of Greece. This can be done also in collaboration with you and what interests you most from the following topics of discussion:

  • Literature

    A selection of noteworthy Greek novels to choose from.

  • About Greece

    Learning about the geography, history, and culture of Greece.

  • Greek Lifestyle

    The everyday living, the educational and health systems of Greece, and more vital information about the country’s current situation.

  • Greek Cinema

    The Greek movies then and now, a fun and interesting way to touch upon the artistic vibes of the country.

Educational Applications

Interactive ways of learning are more effective as they engage the student and keep it interesting. Learning becomes easier and more pleasant, and while “playing”, the message is delivered by the tutor who is also able to monitor the performance and provide the necessary feedback. At The Online Greek Tutor, we apply the following educational applications for our lessons

  • Use of Flashcards

    An appealing way to teach the visual learner. Flashcards are used to stimulate the mind, providing the student with a brand new vocabulary by repetition. The flashcard audio version which is also another method used by our tutors helps to listen to the words, practice pronunciation, and memorize them more easily.

  • Applying Games

    Playing while learning can be very exciting for our younger students. Carefully designed games according to their educational level, age and vocabulary are applied, providing an effective modern method for their education.

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