Live Online Greek Lessons

4 different types of courses to help you learn the Greek language

Private Greek Lessons

Courses which start from A1 level and go up to C2. Become fluent in Greek!

Semi-Private Greek Lessons

Ideal for people who have someone who wants to learn Greek with them. 6 available courses from A1 level up to C2.

Group Greek Lessons

Do you like working in a group, meeting people and interacting in real time with your teacher and your classmates?

Group Summer Courses

Accomplish your learning goals and travel to that island you always wanted to, at the same time.

Learn the Greek language

The Greek language is used in various fields of science and literature. Learning the language will help you to have a deeper understanding of some of those technical words which come from Greek. Many languages use borrowings from Greek and we can trace the origin of many everyday words back to Greek.  Learning the Greek language can help you understand your own language better.  If you’re planning a visit to Greece or Cyprus, it would be a great idea to know the language in order to communicate with local people and to understand the culture. If you are working in Greece, a knowledge of Greek will significantly enhance your career prospects. Finally, it has been proved that learning a foreign language keeps your brain alert and is good for your mental health. The richness of the Greek language guarantees that learning it will definitely stimulate your mind. For these reasons and more, The Online Greek Tutor offers a variety of 6 different courses which are designed to help you learn Greek online according to your own specific needs. Our enthusiastic teachers will help you learn the language no matter what your level is or why you want to learn Greek – whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, whether you want to visit Greece and you want to be able to engage in a simple conversation, or maybe you already know Greek and want to improve your language skills.

The Free Evaluation Meeting

Our website offers a free evaluation meeting on language learning to every prospective student. This way we can understand the motivation, needs and learning style of every student.  It is important for us to know why you want to learn Greek, whether you want to learn standard Greek or Cypriot dialect and what level you are at now. Then we can arrange a mutually suitable day and time for your Greek lessons.



The Greek Courses we offer

greek for beginners

General Greek language for beginners up to proficient users

The General Greek course consists of 6 levels, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 which are based on the European framework (CEFR). This programme’s content is delivered in one-to-one sessions. The Greek lessons for each level, beginner to advanced, is a series specifically designed to cover all the basics – speaking, writing, reading and listening. Once you have completed this programme you can consider applying for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek. The semi-private programme (see below) is also suitable if you wish to take the Certificate examinations. The coursebook reading material is available in electronic form (pdf) from our website or you may prefer to buy your own printed coursebook which can be found at some bookshops and some online shops.

conversational greek

Greek Conversation Lessons

Many learners who already know some Greek find that one of the biggest problems they experience is that they have no other speaker to practice their Greek with and this holds them back from improving their speaking skills. For this reason, we created the Greek Conversation course. With the help of your tutor, you will choose a topic for discussion which you prepare in advance. During the course, you will discuss the topic together and the tutor will give you feedback on your conversation skills. This is a good method for improving your speech and at the same time, you will improve your grammar and vocabulary.  

greek for tourists

Basic Greek for tourists

If you are planning a holiday to Greece or Cyprus and you would like to explore their culture, this course is for you! You will learn useful Greek expressions and phrases that you will need as a tourist. You will be able to communicate with local people and this will make your holiday so much more enjoyable. You will learn to engage in dialogues with native speakers. Greek people really appreciate it when you speak even only a little Greek. They often get so excited that they forget you are still learning and they might speak to you as if you’re a member of the family, in fast, colloquial Greek. You might find that drinks or snacks appear on your table ‘on the house’. Learning a language also involves learning about the culture and the character of the people. If you can read and understand signs on the street and in shops, you can be a more independent traveller. 

Group Greek Lessons

Group Greek Lessons

If you are someone who enjoys learning by studying in a group and meeting people, this variety of courses are ideal for you. We keep each group to a maximum of six students so that the tutor can give everyone the attention they need. Interaction with other students is also a good and fun way to learn. In your group, you’ll be matched with other students with similar language learning levels, experience and interests. You’ll have lifetime access to our school’s resources of exercises, books, audio files and other educational material in case you miss a class. All the lessons are recorded and the video is available for you to view again after the class. The courses are offered based on a subscription or on full-course payments.

Semi-private Greek Lessons

Semi-private Greek Lessons

The General Greek and the Greek Conversation courses are also available as semi-private lessons. This course is suitable for language learners who want to learn Greek with a second person such as a partner, friend or colleague. Some benefits of semi-private lessons are a lower cost per person and from an educational viewpoint, it can help your learning if you have a partner to study with and practice within between lessons. Again, you will have access to our school’s content and exercises in case you miss a lesson.

learn greek cypriot

The Cypriot Greek course

If you want to learn more of the Cypriot Greek dialect, which is considered to be one of the most ancient Greek dialects spoken today, then this is the course for you! The Cypriot Greek “language” is actually the dialect of Greek spoken by Cypriots in Cyprus and abroad. In our courses, you will learn Cypriot vocabulary and pronunciation, everyday phrases and expressions used by Cypriots. You will also learn about Cypriot culture so that you can immerse yourself in the Cypriot way of life.

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