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Learning greek: a guide to online courses

Are you just beginning to learn the Greek language?  Are you looking to start your journey in Greek language learning? Regardless of your background and your needs and purposes, we have some great “Learning Greek for beginners” courses for you to start with. Take a look below and see what our options for you are:

"How to read Greek" course (self-paced)

If you want to start learning Greek, you need to learn “how to read Greek“. This is not very difficult and most people achieve that in one week. They can read Greek without understanding the meaning of the words, however, they are able to read. The mistake that people usually make is that they just learn the sounds of the letters of the Greek alphabet. However, the Greek language is not made up of the sounds of the Greek alphabet’s letters, only. The letters have different combinations that produce other sounds. In addition, there are some exceptions in pronunciation that are important to know if you want to read Greek clearly. So, with our “How to read course”, we cover every single aspect of reading Greek. At the same time, you will have exercises and quizzes to practice what you have learned. So, take a look and learn more about our “How to read Greek course”. We promise that in the end, you will read Greek!


General Greek for beginners (live online)

Are you interested in learning Greek with a tutor? Do you want to learn Greek in a private class, in a semi-private class or in a group?  Any type of live online class you are interested in is offered by our website. We offer private classes in which the learner has the option to arrange the time and day for your Greek lessons according to your availability. If you have a friend who is interested in Greek language learning, you can work together in a semi-private class. Finally, three times per year our group lessons start (September, January, June). In these courses, you have the opportunity to be a part of a bigger group and interact with other people in a very dynamic class environment. Your tutor will meet you online one or more times per week (according to the course) and guide you through the language journey. You will practice speaking, listening, reading and writing from the very beginning (zero knowledge in Greek) to advanced levels if you are willing to make the effort and are patient enough to see the results. So, take a look and learn more about our General Greek course for beginners.

General Greek for beginners (live online)

Are you going to go to Greece or Cyprus for the holidays? Would you like to greet the Greeks in their own language? Would you like to feel and understand the country and its people better? Then, this course is for you. We designed this course specifically for people who travel to Greece only for holidays. This is a “survive in Greece” course. First of all, if you don’t read Greek, you either have to get our “How to read” course or work on reading Greek with your tutor. As soon as you can read Greek, then you will start learning how to communicate on different occasions. For example, at the airport, in the hotel, in a taxi, in a taverna, in a museum etc. So, when you are in Greece, you will have the opportunity to show your Greek-speaking skills to the Greek people. Greeks generally feel very happy when they hear people speak Greek and we are sure that they will be very happy to help you say even more things in Greek. Here you can take a look and learn more about our “Greek for tourists” course.



The Greek language is a very rich language with thousands of years of history. I am sure that learning Greek will help you better understand your own language. In addition, you will have the option to communicate with Greeks and understand Greek culture and history.

Understanding other people’s culture and way of thinking broadens our world view, make us more tolerant of other people and as a result improves our human society.

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