Learn Greek online: How to use the Greek words “δεν”, “μην” και “όχι”

In this video lesson, Valentinos is explaining to us the meaning of the words “δεν”, “μην” και “όχι” and how you can use the words on different occasions. So, watch the video lesson until the end and learn how to use these words.

2 thoughts on “Learn Greek online: How to use the Greek words “δεν”, “μην” και “όχι””

  1. A little advanced for me , I seem to have issues with other languages , wife is American Cretan , and I still have issues . I find that I have no issues with children they seem to walk me threw some of our conversation with ease. We have a Home in Platanias Crete. I was doing good for a while, working the field with my wife’s Uncle Phillip long gone . He was WW11 vintage . / No car, just a wheel Barrel and a hoe , we milked the goat for cheese that was always draining in the gray water sink /feed the chickens/ and the Pig/ Planted the Garden at the beach / and a few other field mostly spinach / and next next to the 5 star hotels we did tomatoes and cauliflower beets / pole beans / water melon/ and other melon’s . He traded veg. for cigarettes’ and food products / ? all village under handed dealings/out of that wheel/barrel. We even crushed his grapes for wine from the vine that grew up the side of the house and cover the top floor with massive amounts of grapes / All gone .

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