How to use the words “δέχομαι” and “αποδέχομαι”

In this video lesson, Joanna is explaining to us the meaning of the words “δέχομαι” and “αποδέχομαι” and how you can use them on different occasions. So, watch the video lesson until the end and learn how to use these words.

2 thoughts on “How to use the words “δέχομαι” and “αποδέχομαι””

  1. Your subtitles are confusing. The first line is the Greek closed captioning, which would be very helpful if we could understand what it was saying. The second line, which is supposed to help with that, and be the English translation of the line above, unfortunately mixes Greek with English, which makes the translation very confusing and hard to follow.
    Thank you for taking my constructive criticism into account when preparing the subtitles of your future videos. Very grateful for your work in general. If you could just improve the translation line in the subtitles, it would be so much better and so much more helpful! THANKS AGAIN. 🙂

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