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New Greek Course Online: Group Greek Classes

Greek language lessons in groups are always very rewarding if you want to learn Greek online. As a learning organization, The Online Greek Tutor offers group Greek classes online as well as our one-on-one lessons for our students.

Advantages of group Greek language learning

So what are the benefits of learning Greek in group courses? First of all, you’ll benefit from all the advantages of working as part of a team. Based on our approach, you’ll be learning and practising all those very important communication skills which are necessary for all our everyday social interactions and needs in Greek. You’ll be listening to other people’s opinions and you’ll be expressing your own opinion. You’ll respond to what other people have to say, and that’ll be in the Greek language. You’ll follow the clues about when to speak and when to listen. You’ll get a wider perspective because everyone will bring their own previous experiences to the class. You’ll engage in fun learning sessions and why not… make a friend or two.

Sometimes, we can understand other learners of the Greek language better than native speakers, especially when we are at the early stages. Also, when we hear someone who is still learning and whose pronunciation may not be perfect, it can help us to not feel demotivated because we can see that everyone is going through that same process of learning which takes time before we can become fluent in a language. We may feel more comfortable that maybe our own pronunciation is not perfect either. We will always hear our tutor so that we know what the correct pronunciation is.

As a team, you need and also can offer support and guidance to each other in your virtual classrooms. The solidarity of working in this way can be a very positive experience for you which will enhance your language learning process. You’ll make friends with people from around the world who’ll have similar interests to you and whose Greek language skills will be at a similar level to yours. You’ll all have the same knowledge goals – to learn Greek online and to communicate effectively in Greek.

Learning in a group setting reflects the normal social situations you’ll come across in Greece and Cyprus. In a way, it’s just like being in the “kafeneio” or the “taverna” where you may find yourself included in conversations with random groups of people.

Having expertise in team-working is important in the workplace. So the more opportunities you can find for working in this way, the more you can develop your team- working and knowledge skills. Speaking about the workplace, what about your CV or resumé?

Language- learning is an important indicator of a person who is interested in personal development, in communication and in working with others. Any language learning that you do can be added to your CV or resumé and bring you closer to your goals.

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How do the group Greek lessons work?

Our teachers select a number of 3 to 6 adults based on similar language levels, similar needs and similar interests to create our virtual classrooms.

The timetable for all the lessons is set out in advance as you will see on our website information. All lessons are recorded and available to you in case you miss a lesson. The programme is set out in advance and this way you’ll know what you’re going to be learning by our teachers. With the recordings, you can be sure that you can catch up by listening to the recording if you don’t attend a lesson. That way you’ll be ready for the next lesson and you’ll keep up with everyone else in the class and your tutor by having the resources needed. You may make friends in your class and you could agree to be in contact so that you can talk about what language learning you might not have understood. Or you might be the person that someone else turns to if they happen to miss a lesson. This type of co-operation benefits everyone in terms of knowledge and information. If you’re explaining the lesson to someone else, you’ll be learning the Greek language by repeating what was taught in the class. If you did not attend a session, you can listen to the recording and you can have another view of the lesson from someone who was there.

In other words, it’s just like going to regular classes except that you can do it from the comfort of your own home or your office or wherever you feel most comfortable. You’ll avoid commuting or going out in bad weather or in the dark. This way you’ll save time and you can improve your Greek language skils.

Are group Greek courses for me?

There are a number of reasons why you might choose our Greek group lessons approach. One is that you prefer to be in a virtual classroom with people who are at the same level as you regardless of your country of residence. Even though you’ll all be at a similar level in Greek, the chances are that your journey up to this point will probably have been a bit different. Those differences can make for exciting interactions in your class.

You’ll benefit from the solidarity of learning together, of contributing to the lesson and getting to know interesting people. The support of your fellow-learners can spur you on when you might feel in need of some extra encouragement.

You’ll also find that this particular set of lessons is cheaper than a one-on-one course. So if your budget is limited, you can still achieve your dream of communicating in the Greek language by joining our team language courses.



Are you a creature of habit? Do you like to follow a regular classroom timetable? Are you working full the time or is your time limited for other reasons such as caring for someone else? All of these are great reasons for choosing our group Greek classes. The fixed timetable will enable you to regulate your own timetable so that you’re ready for every lesson. You’ll also be able to plan your time so that you can regularly review your language learning and practice your newly-acquired language skills as well. Setting a timetable and time-management is important in life and similar to the team-working skills previously mentioned, time-management is a sought-after skill that you can add to your CV or resumé.

You’ll find the motivation that you’ll get from being part of a group, all of whom have the common aim will move you forward on your journey in learning Greek and being able to communicate effectively and comfortably.

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