greek words for love

Greek words for love and ways to express them

Are your other half Greek and you would like to know Greek words for love to say to them? Are you going on holiday to Greece, and would you like to enrich the experience for your other half by speaking words of love to them in Greek? In this article, you will learn 5 ways to express your love in Greek. The Greek language is very rich and there are many ways to say to someone that you love them. I am sure that when you are in Greece, especially in the Greek islands, you will feel more in love and loved and expressing love would be much easier for you. Let’s go ahead and learn how to do it.

How to say ‘’I love you” in Greek   

The best way to express your love is of course to say ‘’I love you” to someone. I love you in Greek is ‘σαγαπώ”. However, there are also other ways to say that you love someone. You can say ‘’αγάπη μου” (my love) and ‘’είσαι η αγάπη μου (you are my love). You can also say something like ‘’σ’ αγαπώ μέχρι τον ουρανό / μέχρι το φεγγάρι / μέχρι τα αστέρια”. This expression is the equivalent of the English one I love you to the moon and back. In Greek, we use lots of celestial bodies!   

How to say ‘’my baby” in Greek

A very common way to speak to your loved ones is to call them ‘’my baby”. You can do that by saying ‘’μωρό μου”. The word ‘’μώρο” is used also in the diminutive form ‘μωράκι μου”. Usually, this form in Greek is used to show that something is small but at the same time, it means that you like or love someone or something. For example, if you say ‘’το σπιτάκι μου” (my little house) it does not necessarily mean that your house is small. It means that you like your house!

How to use another term of endearment which means ‘’my soul” in Greek

The use of the word ‘’soul” is very common in expressing your love in Greek. To say that you can say ‘ψυχή μου (my soul). You can use the diminutive form here as well. You can say ‘ψυχούλα μου which again shows that you love or like someone.  Like the word ‘’ψυχή” is the word ‘’καρδιά” in this context. So, you can say to someone ‘’καρδιά μουor ‘’καρδούλα μου”. Another, example that I would say is similar is the word ‘’ζωή”. You can say to someone ‘’΄ζωή μου” with the same meaning as above. In this case, however, the diminutive is not used.  These words are not used always between lovers. You can use them with your children as well. It is a very nice way to express your love to them.

Some other Greek words for love: compliments

Of course, if you love someone you want to compliment them to make them feel special and unique. There are different ways to do that in Greek. Let’s see the best ways. You can say ‘ομορφιά μου” (my beauty) or ‘είσαι πολύ όμορφη / ος” (you are very beautiful). Another way is ‘’Γλυκε /ιά μου” (my sweetie). You can even say to someone ‘αστέρι μου (my star). Another phrase you can use is ‘’έρωτά μου which also mean my love. Now, if you doubt whether these are proper words to use and whether Greeks use them, I would say that you can use them all by all means. Greeks generally like to use such words. Especially men to women!   

A funny classic expression in Greek

To finish, we have a funny and classic expression that is used for flirting but it is also used to joke with your partner. I must say that for flirting, 99% of the time it does not work as it is very banal! The expression is ‘’Ζαχαροπλάστης ήταν ο μπαμπάς σου;” (Was your father a pastry chef?). By saying that, you mean that you are so beautiful and sweet that only a pastry chef father can ‘’make” such a sweet person! Of course, this is something that might not work if you really want to flirt, but as a joke with your partner, it is very nice! 😊 So, I would suggest using it in this context only!

In conclusion, I am sure that using these words and expressions will make a very good impression on your partner and you can have some fun together! So, don’t hesitate to use them! Below we have a video with all the words and expressions referred to in this article so you can hear the pronunciation and learn how to say these words correctly!

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