Greek phrases: Wedding, Birthday, Christening, Funeral

Learn Greek phrases/wishes we give on occasions like Wedding, Birthday, Christening, Funeral

In this video lesson, you will learn how to use different Greek phrases on occasions like Wedding, Birthday, Christening, Funeral

I suggest you the following method to get the most out of this video:

1. Watch it twice without subtitles and try to understand what it is said

2. Put the subtitles (click the gear icon in the right corner of the video) and watch with subtitles in Greek and English

3. Write down and memorize all the unknown words

4. Try to write sentences with the new words that you have learnt


5. Download the transcript with the gaps, watch the video and try to fill in the gaps.

To Check your understanding here is the full transcript.

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4 thoughts on “Greek phrases: Wedding, Birthday, Christening, Funeral”

  1. Hello! I thought maybe I put the question here rather than sending it by e-mail, because it may be interesting to more people. Isn’t there a phrase like “God bless his-her soul” when talking about a deceased person when you come to the funeral? Thank you!

  2. Valentinos Filippou

    Ηello Mila and thanks for your question. It is a great question! Yes, there is a phrase and I think I should put it in the video. It is ”ο θεός να αναπαύσει τη ψυχή του/της”

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