Greek lesson: Today we learn three funny Greek expressions!

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In today’s lesson, we will not answer a question, but we will explain three funny expressions we have in Greek. There are three expressions that if we translate them into English they have absolutely no meaning but on the contrary, they sound very funny. So let’s go, let’s learn Greek online.

In the first expression. When your husband or wife “σού κάνει τη ζωή πατίνι” what do you think it means? The πατίνι, of course, is the skateboard. So what does the skateboard have to do with your life and your partner? Let’s explain it. When our partner “μάς κάνει τη ζωή πατίνι” then it makes life very difficult. He then makes complaints, he shouts at us, he asks things that make no sense. This is what this expression means. You can use it without of course looking for an explanation of why we say that. We do not know. The second expression is “βαράει μύγες”. When someone opens a shop and his shop has no customers then we say that “αυτός βαράει μύγες” that is, he has no customers, all day doing nothing and all he does is to fight the flies. Trying to kill them to spend his time! Finally, we have the expression “αυτός είναι πίτα”.You will think now, what does that mean? What pie is he? Cheese pie or spinach pie? And why should a man be a pie? It does not make sense, right? Well, when you go to Greece and drink a lot of beer and get drunk, then you will be a “πίτα”. The next day you can say your friends “ήπια τα κέρατά μου και έγινα πίτα” that is, I drank a lot and I got drunk. Now, how does one can drink his horns and get drunk or becomes a pie? Do not ask me. That’s what we had for today. Write to us under this video, funny expressions in your own language. Bye and have good week. See you soon.

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