Greek lesson: Learn what the difference between the words ”μετανιώνω” and ”λυπάμαι” is.

In this lesson, Valentinos explains to us what the difference between the words ”μετανιώνω” and ”λυπάμαι” is. Many people confuse these two words, don’t confuse it too. Watch the video lesson to understand the difference between them.

We suggest the following method to get the most out of this video:

1. Watch it twice without subtitles and try to understand what it is said

2. Put the subtitles (click the gear icon in the right corner of the video) and watch with subtitles in Greek and English

3. Write down and memorize all the unknown words

4. Try to write sentences with the new words that you have learnt

5. Upgrade your subscription and access the video lesson’s full transcript, a transcript with gaps to practice your listening and extra exercises to understand better the topic of the video lesson. Upgrading your subscription you will also contribute to the creation of more video lessons. Click below to learn more:

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