Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a trial lesson?

You can book a trial lesson here. You will need to fill in the form. As soon as you fill in the form, we will review this information and follow up with you with more details about how we will be getting in touch. Please note that by completing this form you are only requesting a meeting. You will need to respond to the followup email we will send you in order for the meeting to be finalized and approved

What happens after I book the free trial lesson?

As soon as you book your free trial lesson, we will respond to you within 24 hours regarding the next steps. Please check your spam folder if you have not heard from us within 24 hours.

What do we do during the free trial lesson?

During the trial lesson:

  • We’ll get to know each other.
  • We’ll evaluate your level and set learning goals for you.
  • You’ll let us know why you want to learn Greek and tell us about any specific needs you have, so that we can tailor your lessons to your needs.
  • We’ll agree on times and days for our weekly meetings.
What is the cost of the lessons?

You can take a look here regarding the cost of all our live online Greek lessons on our Fees Page

How do I know how many lessons I need to complete each level (A1-C1)?

Each student is different and each student needs more or less time to complete each level according to his/her talent, determination, background, social environment, and experiences with languages in general. So, nobody can guarantee that you will finish the A1 or A2 level in a specific number of hours.

Will I have to buy books or do you provide online resources?

For the general Greek course (either private or semi-private), we recommend all our students buy the main coursebook we use for the lessons. At the same time, we provide many other course materials that supplement the material of the main coursebook whenever they are needed. For all the other courses (conversational Greek, Greek for tourists, Cypriot Greek course and the groups), you don’t need to buy a book, because we can provide all the materials.

How do I get the books and the materials?

All the materials that are provided by The Online Greek Tutor for free are sent to you by your tutor via email. Regarding the coursebook for the General Greek Course and how to get it, your teacher will inform you during your free trial lesson.

When completing a level, is there a kind of certificate that you give?

When you complete a level, you can take the exams for the Certificate of attainment in Greek which is recognized worldwide. The exams take place every May all over the world. The cost for the exams is from 65 to 73 euros (according to your level) and the registrations open middle of February. Here you can learn more.

Can your tutors be flexible with the private class times?

Yes, our tutors are flexible about changing time and day of the lessons according to availability of both student and tutor.

Can your tutors be flexible with the semi - private class times?

This is something you need to discuss with the other student in the class. If they are flexible about changing times and days every week, then our tutors are happy to conduct the lessons on different days and times every week.

I am in a different time zone. Is there a problem? How do we solve that?

Most of our students live in different time zones than us. We always find a time convenient for both the teacher and the students; but in any case, students’ preferences are our priority.

What will happen if I cancel my private lesson?

If you want to cancel or reschedule your private lesson, you have to inform us at least 12 hours before the lesson starts. If you cancel less than 12 hours before the lesson, you will be charged for the lesson. 

What will happen if I cancel my semi-private lesson?

If you want to cancel or reschedule your semi-private lesson, you have to agree with the other student in the class to cancel or reschedule it and then inform us at least 12 hours before the lesson starts. If you cancel less than 12 hours before the lesson, you will be charged for the lesson. If the other student is available for the lesson, we can conduct the lesson with the second student and send you the recording of the lesson.

Can I cancel a group class?

No. The group classes are scheduled for the same time and day every week. You cannot cancel or change the times and days of the group classes unless all the members of the group are in agreement. However, as all the group classes are recorded, you can watch the recording to catch up in case you are unable to attend a class.

What happens if the internet connection fails?

If the internet connection fails (either the student connection or our connection), we will arrange another day to complete the missing lesson. For example, if the connection fails 15 minutes before the end of the lesson, we will add additional 15 minutes on your next lesson.

What time of the day are lessons conducted?

The time that each lesson is conducted is always agreed between the student(s) and the teacher. We always find a day and a time that is convenient for both.

How many lessons per week do you recommend?

We usually recommend two lessons per week. With two lessons per week, you are in contact with your teacher enough to build momentum in your learning and at the same time you have time between the lessons to do your homework. However, we have many students who schedule one hour per week or three hours per week. It depends on the student’s availability and personal circumstances.

Do you offer other courses apart from online lessons?

Yes, we have our free Greek video lessons.

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