Greek Language YouTube Lessons

by The Online Greek Tutor

Build on your Greek language learning with free weekly Youtube video lessons. Subscribe to our Youtube channels today and join us every week as we explore different aspects of the Greek language and culture.

Video lessons are invaluable for your learning journey as you’ll be able to hear us speak and communicate using everyday Greek vocabulary and syntax, while following along with both Greek and English subtitles.

Let us guess what you feel right now related to your Greek.

  1. You know some Greek and you try to speak with Greeks but your vocabulary is limited and you cannot quite explain yourself enough
  2. You say some words in Greek and Greeks start speaking to you so fast that you don’t understand anything
  3. You know Greek but you are not confident to speak with natives because you feel they will laugh at you
  4. You feel ashamed and embarrassed when you are with your Greek family because your Greek are not good and you cannot express yourself clearly

If you REALLY want to communicate with the Greeks, you need to change the way you learn Greek right now.

What do you need to do?

You have to listen to native Greek speakers more  and try to speak Greek as much as you can.

But you will say to me: “Yes, I know that Valentinos but I have two other problems”.

  1. I don’t have Greek people around me neither to speak to nor to listen to
  2. As you say, the Greeks speak too fast for me and I understand nothing. How could this be helpful to me?


These video lessons will include:

  1. A 2-3 minute video lesson in which we ‘ll explain the most difficult Greek words and phrases and explain how to use them.
  2. Examples of how to use the most important phrases.
  3. build up your vocabulary.
  4. A guide to how to use each video lesson, so that you can practice your listening skills, build up your vocabulary and practice speaking.
  5. Υοu can ask questions. We promise to make a video lesson answering as many questions as we can; We are sure you’ll have plenty. So, don’t hesitate to ask.

So! What are you waiting for? SIGN UP and join us on this journey!

Learn Greek Online with us!

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