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Greek-Cypriot – 5 Lessons
Greek-Cypriot – 10 Lessons
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In this course, we cover the most important words, expressions and phrases that you will need when you are going to Cyprus. So in order to help you learn Greek Cypriot, in this course, we will cover:

  1. Cypriot sounds and how to pronounce them
  2. Greetings
  3. Cypriot towns
  4. To speak about yourself and ask personal information form other people (origin, name, place of living, job, family)
  5. Numbers
  6. Days, months, seasons
  7. Languages and nationalities
  8. Jobs
  9. Means of transport
  10. Cypriot verbs
  11. Cypriot culture (songs, customs etc)

It is very important to clarify that this course’s main goal is to help you understand the most important characteristics of the Greek Cypriot language and be able to speak to Cypriots in their own local dialect. However, Cypriot Greek, as a dialect is not systemized, not recorded and not controlled and therefore you cannot follow a full course to learn Greek Cypriot, nor can you take any exams. If you want to continue your studies after this course, you need to switch to the standard modern Greek language.


5 Lessons, 10 Lessons

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