Group: Pre-Intermediates – A2

Choose a one-time payment or up to 2 instalments

Thursdays: 9:00pm-10:30pm (Athens local time) OR Saturdays: 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Starting Date:  February 2023

Status: Admissions OPEN

Prerequisite: The student is expected to have the ability to understand and use everyday expressions familiar to him, as well as how to use a few very basic phrases aimed at serving specific needs. He/she must be able to introduce himself and other people and ask and answer questions about personal details such as where he/she is from, describe the people he/she knows, and talk about his / her belongings. He/she must be able to talk in a simple way, provided that his / her interlocutor speaks slowly and clearly and is willing to help.

The student must be able to exchange information about himself and his / her relatives, respond to everyday needs (buying goods, ordering or asking for information about services), creating and maintain social and professional contacts (recommendations, invitations, entertainment). The student at this level must be able to communicate primarily verbally, mainly in interpersonal situations, but also in those situations requiring the use of the telephone.

In addition, when necessary, he/she must be able to understand the details of texts written in very simple and clear language, and in the same way, he/she should be able to express himself/herself in writing.

What happens after I pay: After your payment, one of our professional Greek tutors will contact you via email to welcome you to the course and give you instructions on how to join the teacher-led lessons online. You will need a computer with video capabilities and a microphone to be able to attend the lesson. If following your first few sessions you do not feel comfortable that you meet the course prerequisites and you would prefer to switch to a different course, you will be able to discuss this with your teacher and we can switch you to a new course.

If you are not sure what your level is, please contact us to arrange a FREE online evaluation meeting so that we can place you in the correct group.

Payment Options

€150/m (2 installments), €270 (pay in full)

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