Greek Courses Online

We offer 6 different courses for you to choose from depending on your needs and purpose that you need them for. Our courses will help you Learn Greek Online either you are at the beginner level, advanced level, visiting Greece as a tourist or want to be able to understand basic Greek phrases and words and engage in a simple conversation. Are you ready to take your course?

Learn the Greek language

by choosing the course that is most suitable for you

General Greek

6 available courses which start from A1 level and go up to C2

Greek for Tourists

Are you going to Greece for vacation? Communicate in Greek with the locals!

Conversational Greek

Greek Conversation lessons by our experienced tutors.

Group Greek Lessons

Do you like working in a group, meeting people and interacting in real time with your teacher and your classmates?

Semi-Private Greek Lessons

Our Semi-private lessons are ideal for people who have someone who wants to learn Greek with them. 6 available courses from A1 level up to C2.

Learn Greek Cypriot

Are you of Cypriot descent? Learn the Cypriot Greek language (dialect) and speak to Cypriots in the local speech!



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