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General Greek Courses

We ensure the highest standards in our services, following the necessary verifications. At The Online Greek tutor, our curriculum is Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) compliant. Each level is divided into 15 – 20 units. For every one of these units, grammar and vocabulary topics are included, as well as language skills which include speaking, writing, reading, listening, and practice in pronunciation.

A vital question which most students ask concerns the number of teaching hours one must attend for each level in order to complete it. Although learning a language does not depend on the number of hours of the lessons, we provide you with an indicative number of hours below.

We would like to state again that the criterion is not standard and, in some cases, not indicative at all. It should be emphasized that in order to participate in the exams, the candidates do not have to submit a certificate of attendance in any Greek language classes.

Level Hours (Estimated)
For the A1 Level and for children and older students
more than 520
more than 650


Certification is issued at the end of every course level for each student, upon request. An informal examination can be done as well.

The student’s certificate states the course level and hours of studies completed. All certificates are accompanied by a report on the student’s oral and written performance.

In our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, all the documents mentioned are sent out electronically, but should you wish for hard copies, you can contact us for the necessary details.


The examination takes place once a year, specifically in mid-May. There are six
levels of competency:
– A1 (8-12 years old & for adolescents and adults)
– A2
– B1
– B2
– C1
– C2

For all levels the skills included are reading, writing, listening and speaking in addition to grammar and vocabulary topics.

Contact us for more information and details.

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