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My name is Fotini and I live in Athens. I hold a B.A. in Philosophy, Pedagogy, and Psychology with a major in Pedagogy, from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and an M.A in Technologies of Learning and Communication from the European University of Cyprus. Since 2012, I have been employed in these areas and have gained extensive experience in teaching and tutoring students of all grade levels. I have worked as a Greek Philologist in the private sector preparing native speakers for the Entrance Exam and I was also a teacher of Modern Greek Language in ACS Athens for a number of years. In parallel, I have actively participated in various professional development courses and seminars offered by the Aegean University and the University of Athens, regarding Teaching Modern Greek as a Foreign / Second Language, Special Education, Intercultural Education, etc. I am really excited to be teaching the Greek Language through up-to-date methodologies and a personal way of approaching students in order for them to love and succeed in language learning. I believe that learning is an active process that lasts a lifetime, and my educational goal is to inspire students while supporting them in the learning process and help them to meet their full potential.



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