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What we do

The Online Greek Tutor‘s mission is to help you communicate in Greek, either this being with your relatives in Greece or with the locals during your trips to Greece. By providing Greek Lessons Online,  we are here to help you connect with Greek culture and history through the Greek language. We know how happy you will feel when you can communicate in Greek and we are dedicated to achieving that goal with you by helping you Learn Greek

Who Our Students Are?

  • People who have a family connection with Greece and want to communicate with their relatives in Greece.

  • People who love Greece as a tourist destination and want to communicate with the locals when they go to Greece on vacation.

  • People who are passionate about Greek history and culture and this has stimulated their interest in exploring the country and its people in greater depth.

Do you belong to any of these groups?

Then keep reading. We can help you!

What you will get from our Greek Lessons Online:

  • YOU WILL GET the best advice and an introduction to resources for further study.
  • YOU WILL GET the encouragement and the motivation you need to make changes.
  • YOU WILL BENEFIT from the positive approach found in each of our Greek language courses.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you stick to our plan, YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.

What is included in our Online Greek Lessons?

  • One, two or three (or more) high-quality, effective and goal-oriented lessons a week.
  • Language learning advice so you will achieve YOUR goals.
  • Homework targeted specifically to you (fun, interesting, and relevant).
  • Greek Language learning resources (so that you actually make progress).
  • Emailed homework with feedback after each lesson.
  • Learn Modern Greek easily and effectively.

Reasons to Learn Greek with us


We do our best to make the lessons fun, engaging and according to your learning style. We will have conversations, reading material, do role-playing, play learning games, listen to Greek songs, laugh, share with each other and enjoy our time together. Your Greek course will be a lot of fun, and that’s the best way to learn.

Making mistakes is great, as long as you learn from them. During each class, you will get feedback on your mistakes and be given many examples of how to eliminate them. We will make working on your most common mistakes a priority and you will soon learn how to stop making them.

In our first FREE evaluation meeting, you will let us know what your goals are and what you want to achieve. Then, we will create a language learning plan for you based on your needs, expectations and learning style.

Speaking and using the Greek language is the best way to learn it. You will do a lot of that in class. You will also do a lot of listening, reading and writing both in and outside of class.

If you put our advice into practice, we promise you that you will progress. We know what it takes to improve most rapidly and we will show you how. All you need to do is FOLLOW OUR PLAN to learn Greek.


FAQs about Learning Greek

It is as difficult as any language. You need to study, follow the instructions of your tutor, expose yourself to spoken Greek and try to practice speaking the language. If you do that, you will eventually learn Greek.

With the Greek alphabet. As the Greek language is based on a different alphabet, you need to learn the sounds of the Greek alphabet. As soon as you know the sounds, you will be able to read Greek which is the first important step.

Fast is very relative word. Every person has different idea of what fast is. Generally speaking, you will learn faster if you expose yourself to the language more. If you study Greek every day, have lessons 2-3 times per week with a tutor, watch videos, TV and listen to the Greek radio, you will learn Greek fast.

No. YouTube videos are not structured and even though you can learn many things, you cannot learn the language by just watching YouTube videos. These videos are great supplements to your Greek lessons with a tutor. 

Yes, of course. Our language courses start from absolute beginner level (zero knowledge) to advanced level. We also offer a self-paced course that will help you read Greek in two weeks.

We offer Greek video lessons for free. However, we don’t offer one-on-one or group lessons for free. This is a paid service.

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