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Are you ready to speak naturally?

After asking many of my students about their problems in Greek, I realized that the main issues of people related to their Greek is SPEAKING and UNDERSTANDING everyday natural Greek. Some of the responses I have had from people:

“The thing I find most difficult in Greek is to understand what words mean and some of the the main difficulties I have are to understand someone having a conversation or to fathom the fast-talking Greek Newscasters I’ve seen on TV.”

“I find it very hard to understand the rapid talk of native speakers of Greek, and find it difficult to speak Greek myself.”

“I’m quite shy about speaking Greek.”

“I think for me the greatest difficulty is the depth of the Greek vocabulary, as I’m only trying to learn Greek now at an older age, and I never stuck it out in Greek School as a kid.”

“I think not only is the vocabulary complicated, but also I find it hard to sort out the many ways you use words and the many different situations when you use them.”

Most of the responses are the same or similar to those listed above. Taking this into consideration and really wanting to SOLVE your problem, I have been thinking about how I could help you. After an in-depth analysis, I decided to create the 50 natural Greek expressions course.

Why did I end up designing this course?

Because I think that it is very important to learn expressions people use in every day life. I want you to learn expressions which are difficult to find in textbooks, not so much because they are not useful but because the spoken language is changing so fast and real life is so much more dynamic than a textbook.

What is included in this course?

It is obvious that you will learn 50 everyday Greek expressions. Aside from learning the 50 most popular and most used Greek expressions, you will learn a ton of other words and phrases which will be included in the materials. Let me explain the outline of this course:

  1. 50 downloadable mp3 lessons (you can listen them everywhere).
    In these lessons, I will explain to you in Greek how to use each expression and then I will tell you a story to help you understand how we use each expression in a natural everyday way. You will see that in each lesson you will learn not just one useful Greek expression, but many more besides. However, there will be one featured expression in each lesson to guide you through.
  2. Downloadable full transcript for each mp3 lesson with additional explanations of difficult words.
  3. A study guide: I would never leave you alone to your own devices. You will have a study guide and you will know exactly what my suggestions are for making the best use of these materials.

BONUS: A private Facebook community. You can ask questions there, post your homework from each lesson and get feedback from me and from other learners.

Are you ready to speak naturally?