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Ioanna started to teach me Greek and her approach was done in such a way to make the lessons fun and enjoyable, which made the learning process that much easier. I was only able to complete a certain number of lessons but these helped me a great amount of understanding and speaking Greek. I was very pleased the speed I was able to grasp the basics of Greek and this was because of the way Ioanna had constructed the course.

Jack Wilkins
United Kingdom

Valentinos is an excellent, patient teacher who gives interesting and varied lessons tailored to suit your needs. His teaching style is relaxed and yet he continually uses new ways to help you learn, including using videos and recordings, conversation, quizzes, reading and role-play- whatever he thinks will best help you learn. He is flexible with arranging times for your lessons and I highly recommend him.

Hilary Koll
United Kingdom

I’ve been learning Greek with Valentinos via Skype since October 2014. Valentinos is always very well prepared and his teaching materials are excellent. He is flexible, spending more time or skipping forward as needed, selecting appropriate homework to reinforce the material covered in lessons, as well as willing to discuss aspects of Greek language and grammar of interest to student. He is friendly, enthusiastic and always ready with praise and encouragement. I’m learning Greek for fun, but it is also possible to prepare for formal tests, for example I started at level A2 and I’m now progressing through level B1. As an experienced academic teacher I recommend Valentinos very highly to any prospective student.

Dr Ewa Z Huebner

Arriving in Cyprus I had no knowledge of the Greek language what so ever, I attended an English speaking school in Limassol where I was taught to read / write and speak Greek. Unfortunately I began to struggle and found it difficult to keep up with my other class mates due to lack of confidence. My parents decided it was best I started extra Greek lessons. Ioanna was an amazing help, her patience and knowledge in both Greek and English language made it so much easier for me to catch up with school work. The extra revision classes definitely increased my confidence in speaking the language. I soon noticed my grades in school improve also.

Brooke Diane Ioannou
United Kingdom

I study Greek with Valentinos 1,5 years and I am very satisfied with the lessons. From the very beginning almost all the lesson we spoke only in Greek, using his own program which was very active and not boring at all. I succeeded in learning Greek with Valentinos, now I can discuss different topics in it, know almost all the grammar and can read different texts using dictionary.Valentinos himself is very positive and easy-going man. I strongly advise everyone who wants to study Greek via skype to do it with him!

Алексей Макаров

Ioanna is an excellent preparatory teacher for Greek. She really goes above and beyond for her students and her thorough grammatical approach has given me a really solid foundation as we now move into more lessons.
Thanks to Ioanna’s great help, now I can speak freely greek language.

Adrian Mihailescu

I study the Greek language with Joanna for second year. She is wonderful and experienced teacher! Joanna loves her work very much, which also affects the method of teaching, During the class she uses: audio materials, tests, texts, well explained unfamiliar vocabulary. n In the classroom, Joanna is well-motivated and explains incomprehensible grammatical moments, so the lessons are fun, interesting and very informative. In addition, she studies Russian, which plays a significant role in teaching the Greek language to all ages.

Наталья Товстик

Γεια σε όλους.
Mr Phillip (Valentinos) is an excellent teacher. The fact that he is Cypriot is a huge asset. I’ve been with Phillip for 2 years and have progressed at a steady pace. Phillip understands that we all have different lifestyles and skills and adjusts the lessons to an individuals speed. A huge plus is his rates as they are lower than most if not all teachers with free video lessons as another plus. After 2 years we have become more than teacher/student. We have become friends who can chat (in greet about the news of ours) λέμε τα νέα μας. Mr Phillip has a good attitude and really enjoys teaching students and I am sure that you will find him a fine teacher.

Χαράλαμπος Νικόλαος Harold Nicholos
New York