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  • Do you enjoy learning Greek on your own but need feedback on your work from a native speaker with much experience helping people like yourself improve their Greek?
  • Do you need feedback on your speaking and writing but you cannot get it from nowhere unless you are in a class?
  • Do you have questions to ask and cannot find anyone who can answer them?
  • Do you see yourself as needing to reach that next level in Greek, but feel that you need help in achieving your goal?


If you find yourself in any or all of the above situations, then you are in the right place: keep reading…

I can help you solve these and similar problems and achieve your goals by providing:

  • Feedback on your spoken Greek. As we all know, the biggest problem of all Greek language learners is speaking. To improve your speaking, you need  practice and detailed feedback on your speaking. I am here to help you! You can record yourself speaking Greek and  then send me your recording or your video. Within 24 hours you will get detailed feedback on any problems or mistakes and be given examples of correct usage in Greek.
  • Feedback on your written Greek. Writing Greek is also a problem for many learners. I am here to help you solve this problem as well. You can write a text on any topic you choose and send it to me. Within 24 hours, you will get detailed feedback from me on any problems and mistakes and you will be provided with examples of the correct use of the language.
  • Ask questions: I can answer your questions about anything you want to ask me about the use of Greek  and can give you examples of idiomatic ways of expressing your thoughts in Greek.

I use an excellent tool for feedback on student work called Kaizena. Kaizena is a tool I and other teachers use to help us give our students feedback on their work. You will put all of your work on Kaizena (in our own private group); and, using Kaizena, you will ask all of your questions  there and there you will get the feedback you need.

Details on signing up in Kaizena will be sent to you after you sign up below.


Basic Package
  • Speaking feedback (up to 2 minutes per week)
  • Written feedback (up to 1 page per week)
  • Questions (unlimited)


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