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I’ve been teaching Greek since 2012 and during that time I have met many students with similar backgrounds and a similar interest in the Greek language. Usually, my students belong to one or more of these 3 groups:


  • They have a family connection with Greece and want to communicate with their relatives in Greece
  • They love Greece as a tourist destination and want to communicate with the locals when they go to Greece on vacation
  • Greek history and culture are their passion and this has stimulated their interest in exploring the country and its people in greater depth



  • YOU WILL GET the best advice and be introduced to resources for further study.
  • YOU WILL GET the encouragement and the motivation you need to make changes.
  • YOU WILL BENEFIT from the positive approach found in each lesson.

Let’s now take a look and see exactly what is included in our online lessons:

  • One, two or three (or more) high-quality, effective and goal-oriented lessons a week
  • Language-learning advice so you will achieve YOUR goals
  • Targeted homework specific to you (fun, interesting, and relevant).
  • Language-learning resources (so that you actually make progress)
  • Reports on each lesson, with additional examples of what we discuss (premium)

Engaging and fun lessons: I do my best to make the lessons fun and engaging. We will have conversations, do role-playing, play learning games, listen to Greek songs, laugh, share with each other and enjoy our time together. Your lessons will be a lot of fun, and that’s the best way to learn.    

 Learn from your mistakes: Making mistakes is great, as long as you learn from them. During each class, you will get feedback on your mistakes and be given many examples of how to eliminate them. We will make working on your most common mistakes a priority and you will soon learn how to stop making them. 

Lessons are specific to you: in our first FREE evaluation meeting, you will let me know what your goals are and what you want to achieve. Then, I will create a learning plan for you based on your needs and expectations.    

 You will use your Greek: Speaking and using a language is the best way to learn it. You will do a lot of that in class. You will also do a lot of listening, reading and writing both in and outside of class.

You will progress: if you put my advice into practice, I promise you that you will progress. I know what it takes to improve most rapidly and I will show you how. All you need to do is FOLLOW OUR PLAN.

We meet online using Skype: Our lessons will take place online. Skype is very easy to use and an excellent platform for online meetings.  

First evaluation meeting: We first meet via Skype to get to know each other, to evaluate your level and set learning goals for you. You let me know why you want to learn Greek and tell me any specific needs you have so that I can design your lessons. Then, we agree on times and days for our weekly meetings.

Each time we reach the learning goals we have set for you, we will then set new goals for the next level.  

Ready to book your evaluation meeting?


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