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My name is Valentinos Filippou. I have been an online Greek teacher since 2014. I’ve been teaching one-to-one Skype lessons and making video lessons for my students so as to explain different aspects of the Greek language. I have also developed the 50 Natural Greek Expressions Course which will help you learn the 50 most common expressions that Greek people use in daily life. I have also spent three years at Liverpool’s Greek School in Liverpool (UK) teaching Greek and giving private lessons there. I focus on general, everyday Greek and I now specialize in adult learners.

During the lessons, I make sure that my students are relaxed and comfortable with me. I also give lots of advice on how you can make the most of the lessons and how to improve learning from interactions outside class.

I am a book-lover (I read on average two books a month), I enjoy books of many types (books on personal and professional development; on business; novels etc). I also enjoy playing football and love spending time with my wife, Maria.

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  • In 2007 I graduated from the University of Ioannina as a teacher in Greek literature. Since then, I am doing privately lessons to students in Primary and Secondary Education and I teach Greek to adults as second language.
  • The year 2008-2009, I lived in London and I was working in the school of Saint John the Baptist, teaching Greek to the students of the Greek community.
  • The years 2012-2014 I worked for the Ministry of Education and Culture in Cyprus, doing enhancing courses to the students, in schools of Limassol, participating also in many conferences for reinforcing teaching.
  • In June 2017, I completed my master degree in Educational Leadership, in the European University of Cyprus and I presented my dissertation results in the 3rd International Conference for the Educational Innovation in Larisa (Greece).
  • The last three years I am attending Russian lessons, as I was interacting with many people from Russia, and I got the A1 Level with 93,2%, in cooperation with Rudn University in Moscow. I am able to communicate with Russian speakers and also give them courses in Greek, as a second language.

I love my job, my students and my books and I can not imagine my self engaging in any other profession. During the lesson, my students feel free to make me questions and we develop a friendly relationship, so they feel comfortable. The greatest satisfaction for me, is when my students achieve their goals..!!
Moreover, I am a social and cheerful person. I love spending time in my kitchen, making my recipes, going out with friends and of course going for walks with my two dogs. In my free time, I read novels and I relax.